Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Adorable & Charming attractions of Pune

Pune is the seventh-most populous city in India. Also known as Punyanagari during ancient times, it is situated at an approximate height of 560 meters above the sea level. The attractions of Pune would make your trip enjoyable. 

Following are some destinations which you must visit on your trip to Pune:
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum:
A must visit Pune attraction, this quaint building is safe haven to fascinating collection of Indian artifacts that have been collected and preserved by the late Dinkar Kelkar. The 36 sections of this museum are primarily dedicated for displaying a plethora of antiques, carved palace doors, pottery, priceless collection of nut crackers, lamps, musical items, hookah pipes, 17th century miniatures, and various other items from the Maratha & Mughal era. This collection was donated by the late Dinkar Kelkar. The museum is open for common public from 8.30 pm to 5.30 pm daily. If you go on the tour of Pune city, then you can visit this place. 

Saras Baug, pune
Saras Baug:
The best time to visit Pune is during evening hours. The beauty of this enhances considerably during this time, which draws people from far off places. The temple was formerly surrounded by a lake, which has now been fully reclaimed in the form of an open park. If you intend to spend few moments in absolute calmness and serenity, then you can’t find a better place. 
Parvati Hill, Pune
Parvati Hill:
This famous Pune attraction is located on the South of Pune city. In order to reach at the top of this hill, you would have to climb 108 stairs. The picturesque view from its top is can’t be described in mere words. You can also take a look at the Parvati museum, which has replicas of ancient paintings and old manuscripts. 
Make your trip to Pune a memorable experience by performing some research beforehand. Your first priority has to be searching for best hotels in Pune. Comparing different hotels & resorts based on their type of services offered by them is ideally suited. While searching for a hotel, you should keep a tab on your requirements. For instance, if you are looking out for lounge bars, banquet halls, pubs in Pune, then you should particularly search for a hotel offering these services.

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