Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pune: A city worth exploring for travellers

A political centre of Maratha rulers in the past, Pune is now known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra state. It offers a large variety of attractions for tourists, which they can explore during a vacation spent in this city. The hotels in Pune provide world-class accommodations for travellers coming from different parts of the globe to this part of Maharashtra every year. Best time to visit Pune is from October to February, when the climate is extremely pleasant for travel.

Monsoon makes its presence felt in Pune region between July and September. Around this time of the year, the climate of this city is characterized by mild to average rains. Winter arrives in the month of November, and stays till February. During this period, Pune experiences relatively low levels of humidity and a cool weather. The period from March to June is a hot season in this city, with daytime temperatures rising up to 42-Degree Celsius. 
Travellers can get to Pune comfortably, as it enjoys great connectivity by road, rail and air. One can get to the desired location in this city from its railway station and airport by hiring a taxi. People residing in the neighbouring cities can choose to travel by bus for reaching Pune comfortably.

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