Thursday, 16 October 2014

Fascinating religious places around Pune: Neelkantheshwar

Neelkantheshwar Temple

Given a number of options in historical and religious attractions, Pune is truly a cultural capital of the Indian state, Maharashtra. Tourists from different parts of the world arrive in this region every year to witness its architectural wonders. Visitors to Pune city can also explore some interesting attractions located at places close to it during their holiday spent in this part of India.

Among these attractions is Neelkantheshwar, a famous religious site of Hindus located at a distance of about 50 kilometres from the city. Neelkantheshwar is one of the names by which Lord Shiva is known among his devotees. This name is derived from the words 'neel', which means 'blue', and 'kanth', which means 'throat'. Road to Neelkantheshwar is less crowded, and takes visitors through some scenic surroundings. A temple of Lord Shiva is the main highlight of this place. Its walls are decorated with images of other Hindu gods, and it also houses the sacred symbol of Lord Shiva called 'Shiva Linga'.

Regular buses or private vehicles available from Pune enable tourists to reach this place comfortably. Having an accommodation in any of the budget hotels in Pune would give them the necessary convenience to visit this well-known tourist attraction near Pune.

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