Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Get Enamoured by the Beauty of Pune City

Pune is the seventh-most populous city in India. It is also the second largest in the Maharashtra state. At one point of time, this city was also referred as the Punyanagri. Situated approximately 560 meters above the sea level on the Deccan plateau, this city has gradually become an information technology hub. There are a plethora of attractions in this small city. 

Following are a couple of them:

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum:
This museum houses over 20,000 collections of paintings, handcrafts, armor-suits, musical instruments, and a plethora of other objects of art and artifacts collected from different parts of world. The design of this building is Rajasthani-style, but the galleries over here can give you a clear depiction of culture and life during the Maratha era. Dinkar Kelkar, a devoted conservationist spent over 60 years travelling to collect and purchase objects from remote places and towns of India. It is the result of this great man’s dedication that today we can view everyday usable items such as pots, lamps, containers, nutcrackers, pen stands under one roof.

Tribal Museum, Pune
Tribal Museum:
Situated near the railway line, the Tribal Museum is an extremely popular Pune attraction. Maharashtra is an immensely vast state and there are innumerable numbers of tribal over here. These tribes possess different languages and food habits. If you have always been curious to know about different cultures, then you should definitely visit here.
On your visit to visit, you shouldn’t miss the above mentioned attractions, but it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the city before reaching here. This will help enhance the overall fun and you’d not miss out some of the best things to do in Pune. Apart from researching about attractions, you should also devote some time on looking out for things of your requirement. For instance, if you’ve to conduct a gathering or throw a party, then you can search for top banquet halls in Pune. Additionally, if you are planning for enjoying the nightlight of this place, then you can check out the best nightspots in Pune.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The exciting nightlife of Pune and its suburbs

Situated at an altitude of 1,837 feet on the Deccan plateau, Pune is one of the largest cities of Maharashtra state. It was a political centre of the Indian sub-continent during the eighteenth century. Today, it has developed into a city known for its industries and educational institutions. One can find some majestic banquet halls in Pune for corporate and other private events, while there are elegant hotels at certain places that provide accommodations to business as well as leisure tourists visiting the city. What most of the residents and tourists like about this city is its fantastic nightlife, which has something or the other in store for them.

Baner, a suburb of Pune, has large portions occupied by several companies belonging to the Information Technology (IT) sector. Over the years, many residential complexes have also come up in Baner. Young professionals and college students have plenty of options when it comes to entertainment in this part of Pune. The popular pubs in Baner have stylish interiors that are a combination of contemporary and futuristic designs. Both young and old can step on the dance floor, and have an excellent time swaying to the rocking music played by a DJ. Exotic drinks and mouth-watering local and international delicacies can also be enjoyed in these pubs.

Lounge Bars
When the sun goes down, many individuals, especially the younger crowds hit the exotic bars of this suburb on weekends to unwind after going through a hectic schedule on their weekdays. Some of the fabulous lounge bars in Pune are located in this region, which offer good varieties of beverages and delicious food. The atmosphere is made even more exciting with the jovial music being played in the background. On special occasions, popular artists and DJs perform at these venues, entertaining everyone with their musical delights.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Adorable & Charming attractions of Pune

Pune is the seventh-most populous city in India. Also known as Punyanagari during ancient times, it is situated at an approximate height of 560 meters above the sea level. The attractions of Pune would make your trip enjoyable. 

Following are some destinations which you must visit on your trip to Pune:
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum:
A must visit Pune attraction, this quaint building is safe haven to fascinating collection of Indian artifacts that have been collected and preserved by the late Dinkar Kelkar. The 36 sections of this museum are primarily dedicated for displaying a plethora of antiques, carved palace doors, pottery, priceless collection of nut crackers, lamps, musical items, hookah pipes, 17th century miniatures, and various other items from the Maratha & Mughal era. This collection was donated by the late Dinkar Kelkar. The museum is open for common public from 8.30 pm to 5.30 pm daily. If you go on the tour of Pune city, then you can visit this place. 

Saras Baug, pune
Saras Baug:
The best time to visit Pune is during evening hours. The beauty of this enhances considerably during this time, which draws people from far off places. The temple was formerly surrounded by a lake, which has now been fully reclaimed in the form of an open park. If you intend to spend few moments in absolute calmness and serenity, then you can’t find a better place. 
Parvati Hill, Pune
Parvati Hill:
This famous Pune attraction is located on the South of Pune city. In order to reach at the top of this hill, you would have to climb 108 stairs. The picturesque view from its top is can’t be described in mere words. You can also take a look at the Parvati museum, which has replicas of ancient paintings and old manuscripts. 
Make your trip to Pune a memorable experience by performing some research beforehand. Your first priority has to be searching for best hotels in Pune. Comparing different hotels & resorts based on their type of services offered by them is ideally suited. While searching for a hotel, you should keep a tab on your requirements. For instance, if you are looking out for lounge bars, banquet halls, pubs in Pune, then you should particularly search for a hotel offering these services.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Pune: A city worth exploring for travellers

A political centre of Maratha rulers in the past, Pune is now known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra state. It offers a large variety of attractions for tourists, which they can explore during a vacation spent in this city. The hotels in Pune provide world-class accommodations for travellers coming from different parts of the globe to this part of Maharashtra every year. Best time to visit Pune is from October to February, when the climate is extremely pleasant for travel.

Monsoon makes its presence felt in Pune region between July and September. Around this time of the year, the climate of this city is characterized by mild to average rains. Winter arrives in the month of November, and stays till February. During this period, Pune experiences relatively low levels of humidity and a cool weather. The period from March to June is a hot season in this city, with daytime temperatures rising up to 42-Degree Celsius. 
Travellers can get to Pune comfortably, as it enjoys great connectivity by road, rail and air. One can get to the desired location in this city from its railway station and airport by hiring a taxi. People residing in the neighbouring cities can choose to travel by bus for reaching Pune comfortably.