Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Get Enamoured by the Beauty of Pune City

Pune is the seventh-most populous city in India. It is also the second largest in the Maharashtra state. At one point of time, this city was also referred as the Punyanagri. Situated approximately 560 meters above the sea level on the Deccan plateau, this city has gradually become an information technology hub. There are a plethora of attractions in this small city. 

Following are a couple of them:

Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Pune
Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum:
This museum houses over 20,000 collections of paintings, handcrafts, armor-suits, musical instruments, and a plethora of other objects of art and artifacts collected from different parts of world. The design of this building is Rajasthani-style, but the galleries over here can give you a clear depiction of culture and life during the Maratha era. Dinkar Kelkar, a devoted conservationist spent over 60 years travelling to collect and purchase objects from remote places and towns of India. It is the result of this great man’s dedication that today we can view everyday usable items such as pots, lamps, containers, nutcrackers, pen stands under one roof.

Tribal Museum, Pune
Tribal Museum:
Situated near the railway line, the Tribal Museum is an extremely popular Pune attraction. Maharashtra is an immensely vast state and there are innumerable numbers of tribal over here. These tribes possess different languages and food habits. If you have always been curious to know about different cultures, then you should definitely visit here.
On your visit to visit, you shouldn’t miss the above mentioned attractions, but it is essential to have detailed knowledge of the city before reaching here. This will help enhance the overall fun and you’d not miss out some of the best things to do in Pune. Apart from researching about attractions, you should also devote some time on looking out for things of your requirement. For instance, if you’ve to conduct a gathering or throw a party, then you can search for top banquet halls in Pune. Additionally, if you are planning for enjoying the nightlight of this place, then you can check out the best nightspots in Pune.

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